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Sparks : Balls (Recognition) 2000 :-

'Balls' is an album of 'peaks' and 'troughs'.

The peaks :-

The album has three outstanding tracks.  These are the title track
'Balls', and the songs 'Irreplaceable' and 'The Angels'.

The opening track
'Balls' is ultra hypnotic and the song actually sounds like a ball bouncing up and down! It is impossible to sit still whilst listening to this track - the beat is so compelling that you feel obliged to bounce up and down in rhythm to the track.  The song was inspired by techno-rock group The Prodigy.

'Irreplaceable' is just that - an irreplaceable Sparks track. The song is heavenly, with a perfectly flowing vocal melody.  The tune is enhanced by the sound of symphonic choirs drifting in and out.

'Balls' Sparks album release
Sparks 'The Angels' CD single

'The Angels' is a true Sparks classic, a gem of a song with a gorgeous melody.  The lyrics are witty and provocative:- "I saw the angels glaring down, they feel inane, they feel in pain, because you're oh so f***ing cool".

The troughs :-

I do not want to spend time dwelling on the album's weaker tracks.  Suffice to say that
'Bullet Train', 'It's a Knockoff' and 'It's Educational' are extremely disappointing tracks and definitely lack a certain `spark'.  Incidentally the song 'It's A Knockoff' was recorded for the 1998 film 'Knock Off', starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and directed by legendary Hong-Kong movie director Tsui Hark.

Conclusion :-

Masters of reinvention, Sparks have undergone another remarkable facelift for their 18th album,
'Balls'.  However this album is less about ambitious experimentation and more about a band stumbling to define themselves.  'Balls' is peppered with cartoony anthems, subtly complimented by heavy riffs.  Mammoth beats and wobbling synths abound.  But the tunes fail to wage sonic warfare, and there is a strong sense that the Maels have an uncharacteristic desire to be taken seriously.

Note :-

'Balls' CD was released in four different colored jewel boxes (red, green, blue and yellow).  Each jewel box features a bright foil outer sleeve.

You can still order the
'Balls' CD in all four colors from, and they will throw in a free Sparks 'Got Balls?' beach ball.  These balls were made to promote the release of 'Balls' and for promotion of the 'August Southern California' Sparks shows.


Album Balls by Sparks is ace

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TRACKS : Balls, More Than A Sex Machine, Scheherazade, Aeroflot, The Calm Before The Storm, How To Get Your Ass Kicked, Bullet Train, It's A Knockoff, Irreplaceable, It's Educational, The Angels. [RECOGNITION RECORDS].

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