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Sparks : Indiscreet (Island) 1975 :-

How come 'Indiscreet' is so jaw-droppingly, mind-bogglingly brilliant?

I have been listening to this album repeatedly for 30 years and it never ceases to amaze me just how extraordinarily brilliant it is. 
'Indiscreet' is my favourite album ever in the history of modern music.  Now that's saying something!

'Indiscreet' is a work of genius.  No two ways about it.  The album is a collection of beautifully orchestrated songs, all different in style and production, yet gelling together seamlessly.  'Indiscreet' was recorded when Sparks were at the height of their popularity.  Working to a generous budget, Ron's creative juices were allowed to flow unabated.  No expense was spared on the production and producer Tony Visconti's talents were utilised to maximum capacity.  Each song features a unique orchestral arrangement and proves that some of our most powerful and expressive music still emerges from instruments made largely of wood, metal, catgut and horsehair.

Never has Russell's voice sounded better than on 'Indiscreet'. His voice sounds pure with superb dynamics and excellent use of intonation.  Ron's lyrics are razor sharp and deeply ironic, (e.g. "Every sip is of the smallest quantity that still denotes apparent thirst").

Each song is on
'Indiscreet' is a musical masterpiece in its own right ...

I challenge anyone to listen to
'Hospitality On Parade' without standing to attention or marching the Cavalry March (particularly when the bass guitars and drums kick in).

I doubt that anyone can sit still whilst listening to Russell frantically singing about gaining re-admittance to the
'Happy Hunting Ground'.

And how can one fail to get turned on by Russell's sexy French accent on
'Without Using Hands'? ("Johnny let go of your sister, what is wrong with you today?").

'Tits' is in a league of its own.

And whatever you do, don't miss the start to
'Miss The Start Miss The End' - it's absolutely heavenly.

Immediately prior to the release of
'Indiscreet', Ron proudly proclaimed to a major music magazine, "Lord, I think I've created a monster!".  Never has a truer word been spoken.

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INDISCREET BY SPARKS (ISLAND RECORDS) : Hospitality On Parade, Happy Hunting Ground, Without Using Hands, Get In The Swing, Under The Table With Her, How Are You Getting Home, Pineapple, Tits, It Ain't 1918, The Lady Is Lingering, In The Future, Looks Looks Looks, Miss The Start Miss The End

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