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Sparks : Interior Design (Underdog Records) 1988 :-

'Interior Design' sounds distinctly suburban (as the title of the album suggests). Just like a quaint, middle class, town in the suburbs, 'Interior Design' is safe and re-assuring and can be enjoyed whilst tucked up in bed with a mug of Ovaltine. And just like life in the suburbs, 'Interior Design' lacks a certain edge and can ALMOST sound bland.

Typically, Sparks fans fall into two camps. English/European fans tend to favour Sparks output from the 70's, whereas Americans lean more towards their 80's output. This point can be verified simply by studying the pattern of album sales over the years.
'Interior Design' was released towards the end of the 80's, but due to its homogenous sound it is likely appeal to a universal, international audience.

The stand-out track on the album is definitely
'Lots of Reasons' and this should have been released as a single in preference to the slightly inferior 'So Important'. Russell's falsetto really comes into play in 'The Toughest Girl in Town' ( similar in style to 'Something For The Girl With Everything' ). 'You've Got A Hold Of My Heart' is a gorgeous sensuous song and 'Madonna' is highly original.

In summary, this is a nice, pleasant, dependable album, with songs that wouldn't offend your grandmother. This is the album's biggest virtue and for this reason
'Interior Design' should grace every Sparks fan's record collection.

'Interior Design' Sparks album release
Sparks - Just Got Back From Heaven

Sparks 'Interior Design' is also available as 'Just Got Back From Heaven', catalogue
number HALMCD 1010 (Hallmark).  Excluded are the alternate mixes of
'So Important' and the foreign language versions of 'Madonna'.

'Interior Design' has also been released in other guises, with alternative sleeves.


Album 'Interior Design' by Sparks is ace

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INTERIOR DESIGN (UNDERDOG RECORDS) - So Important, Just Got Back From Heaven, Lots Of Reasons, You've Got A Hold Of My Heart, Love-O-Rama, The Toughest Girl In Town, Let's Make Love, Stop Me If You've Heard This Before, A Walk Down Memory Lane, Madonna

Sparks : Interior Design