Sparks - Lil' Beethoven
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Tribute to Beethoven?


Palm Pictures
Filled with strings, pianos, disco beats and lyrics so sharp they would make Ginsu blush, Lil' Beethoven is an album full of exquisite pop songs that deliver new discoveries with each listen.

Chris Jones (BBC Music)
Lil' Beethoven comes at you from such an oblique angle that you may be scared. Quite simply it's orchestral, huge and daunting.

Jason Damas (Pop Matters)
There is a lot of what you'd think of as "classical" music here - big, sweeping string sections, a penchant for dramatic musical gestures, and song structures that are more complicated than your typical pop song.
Nine scintillating works of seduction and self-delusion by the diminutive master of the art of musical overkill.

Mattias Huss (Release Music Magazine)
The music on this album is so improbable that no references or comparisons can be made in contemporary pop music.

Lil' Clitique
Pop satire counterbalanced by classic pomp. A daring musical endeavour.

Steve Hands (
Lil' Beethoven attempts to construct an international Art-Pop with orchestral textures, and wants to be loved for making the effort. For the most part, it succeeds.


David Waite
I think Lil' Beethoven is quite a bore.  Lil' Beethoven, for all of its pretentious orchestrations, really disappoints.  What's happened to these guys?

Carol Littlewood
I love this album. It is unique and I cannot stop listening to it!

Steve Gaines
Kimono My House had always been Sparks' masterpiece in my ears.  Lil' Beethoven surpasses that standard, but it's very different. I was intrigued after the first pass.  After the second pass I had to buy it.  There is nothing else comparable in contemporary music.

David Slater
An orchestral masterpiece ... with Mael humour.  Plenty of crescendos, with a
pinch of softness.

Geoff Burnard
I have been a fan since 1974 and have always thought the guys were brilliant, original and eccentric all at the same time.  But this is so unique it just takes my breath away!

Thomas Persinos
Imagine pop music without a groove. Once again Sparks deconstruct pop music.  This is the future of classical pop.

Hans Westerlund
They are back. This is astonishing -  well done. I just love the lyrics from Ron this time, especially "Ugly Guys With Beautiful Girls". Thanks R&R Mael.

Steve Williams
Bloody Brilliant !!!! An absolute masterpiece.  LONG LIVE SPARKS !!!!!!

Tony Muscarella
A shock to the system…pop music has been reinvented, with a nod to classical music, opera, and alt rock at the same time.  Excellent!!!

Reviews of Sparks Lil' Beethoven album
LIL' BEETHOVEN BY SPARKS (ARTFUL RECORDS) : The Rhythm Thief, How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall?, What Are All These Bands So Angry About?, I Married Myself, Ride 'em Cowboy, My Baby's Taking Me Home, Your Call Is Very Important To Us, Ugly Guys With Beautiful Girls, Suburban Homeboy

Sparks - Lil' Beethoven