The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman - Sparks

Click on album cover to enter main Sparks site. Originally commissioned for Swedish radio, Sparks’ latest album ‘The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman’ is a 60-minute, 24-song collection based around celebrated Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman's seduction by Hollywood. The Guardian: - “Best experienced as a whole, Sparks’ 22nd album is a bold, major work – as compelling and original as anything in Sparks’ sporadically brilliant career.” Pop Matters: - “Sparks relish yet another opportunity to confound and challenge their audience. Their wry humour and willingness to experiment with different formats continue to stretch the limits of pop music in ways many other acts simply do not attempt.” Record Collector: - “The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman manages to avoid camp, and even has hummable melodies. This review could read like one of those YES/NO flow diagrams. Did you love Lil Beethoven? If YES, you will love this. If NO, return to Kimono My House.” Times Online: - “It takes nerve and verve to pull off something this ambitious” The Independent: - “Sharply scripted, with that sly knowing touch so typical of Sparks, ‘The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman’ is also scored with scrupulous intelligence”. London Evening Standard: - “With cheeky nods to the Mael brothers' back catalogue, a mind-boggling variety of styles from electro to classical, and that touch of genius that seeps through every Sparksian endeavour - fearlessly brilliant and brilliantly fearless”.