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Sparks : A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing (1972) :-

Encouraged by the success of the single 'Wonder Girl' (a number one hit in Montgomery County, Alabama ), Sparks released a second album on the Bearsville label, 'A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing'.  Commercially the album flopped.  However, artistically the album was a success and generated much needed interest from the English music press.

'A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing' is even weirder than Sparks' debut album.  In fact it is so weird in places that it freaks you out.  Ron's rickety organ is as prevalent as ever, as is Russell's piercing falsetto, and the songs are enhanced by a bewildering array of special effects (e.g. backwards tape loops, speeded up vocals, reverb, lots of distortion etc.).  To quote Russell Mael, "We were doing things like sampling - long before 'sampling' was even a term".

'Girl From Germany' seven inch single

'Girl From Germany' is the most normal sounding song on the album and was released as a single, with 'Beaver O' Lindy' on the B-side.  The latter is a song about a mythical rock singer.  

Other album highlights include:-

'Nothing Is Sacred' is sung in an extraordinarily high-pitched, grating falsetto.  The effect is nauseating;  Russell sounds as if though he is in pain!  Quite how he manages to hit those high notes is a mystery.

'Moon Over Kentucky' was inspired by the 1971 Dirk Bogarde film 'Death In Venice' and is probably the eeriest Sparks song ever recorded.  The song features spooky wailing backing vocals and is likely to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

'Angus Desire' has an intriguing melodical structure and Russell's voice effortlessly changes pitch and tempo as he sings.  There is a 'breaky bit' at the end of the song, where a number of layered voices repeatedly sing "Angus in the summer, waltzing with her friends".

The final track on the album,
'Whippings and Apologies', is an adrenaline driven, guitar led rave-up and one of my all-time favourite Sparks songs.  This song rocks. 

lyrics to Sparks - Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing, click on this link.

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SPARKS - A WOOFER IN TWEETER'S CLOTHING : Girl From Germany, Beaver O'Lindy, Nothing Is Sacred, Here Comes Bob, Moon Over Kentucky, Do Re Mi, Angus Desire, Underground, The Louvre, Batteries Not Included, Whippings And Apologies

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